PW WooCommerce Affiliates Pro

Boost sales in your WooCommerce store by using affiliates.
Having trusted affiliates refer customers to your store is a sure way to increase sales.
Starting an affiliates program has never been easier!

Track sales, award commissions, and more! Your WooCommerce store can increase sales by having affiliates sending customers your way.

1 Site
1 year of updates and support
5 Sites
1 year of updates and support
Lifetime License
3 Sites
Lifetime updates and support

License Information

When your license expires you may continue using all of the features of the Pro version without any restrictions. However, you won’t receive new features and bug fixes until you renew.

We don’t automatically renew licenses. When you’re ready to renew you can click the “Renew” button in the WordPress Plugins area.

Renewing costs the same as the regular price unless the current price of the plugin is lower than when you purchased it. If it is lower, your renewal price will be the lower amount. If the price of the plugin has gone up, you will only be charged the original price.

If you need to switch sites, simply Deactivate the plugin and you can activate it again on another site.

How it works

To get started, create your first affiliate by clicking on Create an Affiliate. Then send the affiliate their very own link. When a customer visits your site using this link the affiliate will be awarded a commission. It’s a win-win!

Affiliates Report

Let the affiliates log in and track their own stats. Just link an Affiliate to a WordPress user.

Transparent Tracking

View reports by affiliate to monitor results. PW WooCommerce Affiliates Pro includes reporting by product.

Simple Setup

Running an affiliates program should not be difficult. PW WooCommerce Affiliates makes it straight-forward with easy to use screens.


Export your affiliate report into CSV format.

Set Custom Commissions

Assign commission by Affiliate, Category, and even by Product.

Use Coupon Codes

An affiliate can be associated with an order by applying a coupon code.

Products Report

Monitor affiliate sales by product.

Enrollment Form

Allow users to request joining your affiliate program through our simple to use enrollment form.

Affiliates dashboard
Monitor all sales and commissions at a glance. Sort, filter, and edit all in one place!
WooCommerce Affiliates - Screenshot
Products report
See how your affiliate products are selling.
WooCommerce Affiliates - Screenshot
Creating an affiliate
Add a new affiliate in just one step.
WooCommerce Affiliates - Screenshot
Set commission by Affiliate, Category, or Product.
WooCommerce Affiliates - Screenshot

WooCommerce Affiliates - Screenshot

WooCommerce Affiliates - Screenshot

Flexible settings
Change configuration options from one spot.
WooCommerce Affiliates - Screenshot
View Orders by Affiliate
Easily see order details for an Affiliate.
WooCommerce Affiliates - Screenshot
Affiliate Sign Up
Optionally allow visitors to request an invite to your affiliate program.
WooCommerce Affiliates - Screenshot
Affiliates can log in
If you link an affiliate account to a WordPress user, they can log in to view their stats.
WooCommerce Affiliates - Screenshot

Try before you buy

There is a free version available with limited features. To install it, log into your WordPress Admin area, click on Plugins -> Add New, and search for “Pimwick“.


Available in the following languages:

  • Dutch
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

We love creating elegant plugins.

WooCommerce is powerful, flexible, and sometimes really complicated!

Our passion is creating high quality, easy to use plugins that are affordable or free.

Why we created this WooCommerce Affiliates plugin

We feel that running an Affiliates program should be painless and is essential for professional store owners. Configuration is complicated with other plugins and we wanted to make it simple.

We are continuing to add new features to this amazing plugin. If you have suggestions we’d love to hear it! Email [email protected] and tell us what you want to see next.

At Pimwick we LOVE making plugins that save people time and are easy to use. Contact [email protected] if you have any questions!

We know you will love our plugins as much as we do. Satisfaction 100% guaranteed.