PW WooCommerce BOGO

Create Buy One, Get One (BOGO) promotions for your WooCommerce store. Setup is a breeze and you can easily customize the sale to maximize revenue.

PW WooCommerce BOGO makes Buy One, Get One promotions so easy!

Creating a BOGO promotion shouldn’t be hard. The PW WooCommerce BOGO plugin makes adding a new BOGO promotion super easy! Setup is a breeze and you can easily customize the sale to maximize revenue.

PW WooCommerce BOGO Pro features

  • Buy One, Get One Free
  • Buy X, Get X – For instance, Buy 3, Get 2 Free
  • % Off – For instance, Buy Two, Get One 75% Off
  • Buy X, Get Y for % off
  • Automatically add discounted products to the customer’s cart
  • Optionally require a coupon to activate the BOGO
  • Limit the number of times the BOGO deal can be applied per order
  • Specify that only identical products or variations are discounted
  • Schedule begin and end dates for the promotions
  • Specify products by category
  • Include or exclude individual products
  • Eligible products can be different than the Discounted products
  • Options to exclude sale items or not allow other coupons in conjunction with BOGO offer
  • Compatible with all major payment gateways such as PayPal and Klarna.
PW WooCommerce BOGO Pro
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PW WooCommerce BOGO Pro
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PW WooCommerce BOGO Pro
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Try before you buy

There is a free version available with limited features. To install it, log into your WordPress Admin area, click on Plugins -> Add New, and search for “Pimwick“.

We love creating elegant plugins.

WooCommerce is powerful, flexible, and sometimes really complicated!

Our passion is creating high quality, easy to use plugins that are affordable or free.

We looked for a simple way to create a BOGO promotion and all we found were mega-utilities that were confusing to use. WooCommerce is an amazing platform and the vast array of plugins makes it hard to decide which one to use.

We created this plugin because we didn’t want to spend all weekend learning how to use a complicated plugin just to do a simple promotion. Do one thing and do it well!

This plugin doesn’t require a degree to learn how to operate it. You can start a new promotion in as little as 1 step (just give it a name!) and yet there are some simple configuration choices that result in custom promotions. Don’t let the simplicity fool you, this plugin is capable of handling a wide variety of scenarios.


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At Pimwick we LOVE making plugins that save people time and are easy to use. Contact if you have any questions!

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