Adding a Bonus Gift Card

You can configure the bonus cards when you edit the gift card product inside WooCommerce.

1. Log into your WordPress Admin area.
2. Click on the Products menu on the left.
3. Edit the PW Gift Card product
4. On the “Gift Card” tab, check the box that says “Enable Bonus Gift Cards”

At this point you can click “Add a bonus amount” to specify the gift card amount that will trigger the bonus, as well as the bonus amount itself. For example, you could offer a $5 bonus gift card for every $25 in gift cards purchased.

The Cumulative Bonus option means that the customer can buy an combination of gift cards to trigger the bonus. Using my previous example, the customer could buy a $10 gift card and a $15 gift card to receive the $5 bonus. With the Cumulative Bonus box unchecked, the customer will get a $5 bonus only for purchasing a $25 gift card exactly. This way you can offer different bonus amounts ($5 for $25, $15 for $50, etc)

Under the “Who will receive the bonus gift card” you will specify the recipient for the bonus.

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