Template – Apply Gift Card

You can change the location of this field from the settings page. Click on Pimwick Plugins -> PW Gift Cards -> Settings and set the “Redeem Location” options.

If you want more control we use the built in WooCommerce template system. To override the look of the Apply Gift Card area, copy the template file to your theme directory.

The template files are here:


When you find the template file you want to override, copy it to your theme directory:


Note: make sure that you copy any sub-directories as well!

Once the file is in your theme folder, open it up in a text editor and make any changes to the HTML and CSS.

There are four template files for the “Apply Gift Card” area depending on the settings chosen here:
Pimwick Plugins -> PW Gift Cards -> Settings -> Redeem Location

For the “Cart” page:


For the “Checkout” page:

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