Delete gift cards from the database

PW Gift Cards Pro has a Permanently Delete button available on the deleted gift card from the dashboard. If you are not able to upgrade and you are comfortable with running SQL scripts, you can delete a gift card by using the following script:

DELETE FROM wp_pimwick_gift_card_activity WHERE pimwick_gift_card_id = (SELECT pimwick_gift_card_id FROM wp_pimwick_gift_card WHERE
number = '1234-5678-9012-3456');
DELETE FROM wp_pimwick_gift_card WHERE
number = '1234-5678-9012-3456';


To delete all gift cards in the database you can use phpMyAdmin to run the following query. Replace the table name with your actual table names, “wp_” is the default prefix and should be fine unless your site is using multisite:

DELETE FROM wp_pimwick_gift_card_activity;
DELETE FROM wp_pimwick_gift_card;

This will delete ALL gift cards, if you don’t have any valid gift cards then this will work for you. If you need assistance running this script you should contact your website host.

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