Gift Card emails not being sent or received

Verify that the gift card email is enabled inside of WooCommerce. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Emails > PW Gift Card Email > Ensure that the “Enable / Disable” checkbox is checked.

Confirm that the Order Status is “Complete” for the gift cards purchased. You should see the Gift Card number along with the recipient email in the Order line items inside the admin area.

If the order is Complete and it shows the Gift Card number, you can try sending a test email by clicking on Pimwick Plugins -> PW Gift Cards -> Designer -> Send Preview Email.

If the email is not delivered, try disabling the WooCommerce Transactional Email System for the gift cards. Follow these steps:

1. Click on Pimwick Plugins -> PW Gift Cards -> Settings
2. Uncheck the box that says “Use WooCommerce Transactional Email System”
3. Click on “Save Changes”
4. Perform another test email to see if the gift card gets delivered.

If the order is Complete and it shows the Gift Card number, the emails are attempting to be sent using your email system. To independently verify this, you can log all outgoing emails using this free plugin:

After installing the plugin, perform another test order. After the order is Complete and the gift card number has been generated, check the email log to see which emails were sent. You should see several, to the site admin and to the customer.

Also, check the Junk Mail folder for the recipient email address. If the gift card is not there, the email may have been sent but been outright rejected by the recipient’s email server (not even going to the Junk Mail folder).

Most email servers are very strict when it comes to attempting to prevent spam and may see the Gift Card email as possibly junk mail. As a result, most WooCommerce installations are not trusted by default, since anyone could send out spam from their server.

To combat this, we recommend using Pepipost ( to handle your email delivery. There is no cost (until you send more than 3,000 emails in a single month and even then, it’s pretty inexpensive for the service you get). They will ensure that your emails are delivered and you can even track open rate to know for sure that someone received their email and opened it.

Amazon’s Simple Email Service (SES) is also another viable option, although it is more difficult to get set up initially. You can learn more about it here:

Both Pepipost and Amazon SES integrate into WordPress easily with the WP Mail SMTP plugin (also free):

We aren’t affiliated with Pepipost or Amazon SES.

To quickly test the gift card emails, click on Pimwick Plugins -> PW Gift Cards -> Designer -> Send Preview Email. If you get the gift card, try different email accounts (such as,, etc) to verify that everything is working.

Hopefully this helps you gain some visibility into these types of emails, let us know if you have any other questions!

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