How to create Variations

To create new Variations, you need to add new Attributes to the parent (Variable) product. There will be a checkbox before saving where you can automatically create the variations.

For this example we will use the “Size” attribute:

1. Filter your products using the Bulk Editor.
2. Click on the Size Attributes column and then Edit All Checked Products.

3. Click on “Add To Size Attributes” and enter the attributes you want to add. Note: if you want to create a new attribute that doesn’t already exist, go to the WooCommerce Attributes setup area by clicking on Products -> Attributes in the left hand admin menu.

4. After you have added the attributes, a new checkbox will appear. Check the “Automatically create Variations from Attributes added to Variable Products” checkbox and then click on Save Products. This will generate new Variation combinations for the new Attribute.

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