Physical Gift Cards – Overview

If you will be selling physical gift cards along with eGift cards, you will have two products in your shop: one for eGift Cards and one for Physical Gift Cards. This is how Amazon does it.

The eGift card is what is created by default when you click on Pimwick Plugins -> PW Gift Cards -> Create Gift Card Product. It will generate a new gift card number when purchased.

To also sell physical gift cards, use the Copy button inside WooCommerce to make a copy of the eGift card product. Edit the new product and check the “Physical Gift Card” checkbox. The purchasing customer will be notified during checkout that the gift card will be mailed to the Shipping Address.

Generating a new number / Print on demand
When you check the “Physical Gift Card” checkbox, you can optionally specify an email address where the generated gift card number will be emailed when the gift card is purchased (default is the store owner’s email address). When an order is received for this product, you can print the gift card number to be mailed to the recipient.

Using Imported Gift Card Numbers
If you have imported gift card numbers, leave the email address field blank when you check the “Physical Gift Card” checkbox. When an order is received for this product, no new gift card number will be created and instead you will mail a physical gift card to the recipient from the list of existing imported numbers.

Generate and print in advance
If you need to create the gift cards for the vendor to print, follow this guide:

For your physical cards, you may want to check out Duracard. Their site is easy to use and compatible with our plugin. We aren’t endorsed or affiliated with them but other PW Gift Card store owners have used them in the past.

Here is the direct link to their gift card product:

Redeeming in store
If you have customers redeeming gift cards in your store, learn more about that process here:

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