SERVER ERROR Error while saving products (Save Batch Size)

If you receive the following message while saving products:

SERVER ERROR Error while saving products

The server is timing out before it finishes saving the batch. Instead of saving all records at the same time, we batch them into 25 so that servers can finish processing them before moving on to the next batch.

On some hosts, 25 is still too high and the batches need to be smaller so they can complete successfully before the web browser gives up and stops waiting (throwing an error).

Adjust the value until you find the sweet spot where it doesn’t timeout. A batch size of 1 will save each field, one after the other.

To adjust the batch size perform the following steps:

PW Bulk Edit Pro users:
1. Log into your WordPress admin area.
2. Click on WooCommerce > Settings > PW Bulk Edit
3. Set the “Save Batch Size” value.
4. Click on “Save Changes”

PW Bulk Edit free version:
1. Log into your FTP site and edit wp-config.php
2. Edit wp-config.php and scroll to the end and add the following bit of code:

Scroll towards the bottom, and before the line that says “Happy blogging.” add this code ABOVE that line:

define( 'PWBE_SAVE_BATCH_SIZE', 5 );

/* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */

3. Save the wp-config.php file and re-upload it to your server.

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