Export Gift Cards

We don’t have an export built into the plugin but you can export gift cards by following these steps:

1. Click on Pimwick Plugins -> PW Gift Cards
2. Leave the search field blank and click the “Search” button to display all gift cards.
3. Now you can select the table and copy/paste into Excel:

4. Delete the un-needed columns:

Exporting from SQL database

If you prefer to access the data directly in the database, there are two tables that the gift cards use for storing information:

Stores the card number, expiration date, and active flag.

This table contains the transaction log to record loading and redeeming the card. Columns include activity date, action, amount, and note.

Note: it is assumed your site prefix is “wp_” (the default) however the table names may be slightly different depending on how your system is configured.


We also have a REST API if you want to programmatically access the gift card data. View the documentation here: